March, 31, 2016 MTQRL Declines Sanction of Columbus Fair Race

When the Midwest TQ Racing League made the decision to cease running a series of races for the 2016 season the thought was that the league could concentrate its efforts into one race. Instead of being just another race, the Tony Stewart Foundation Night at the Columbus Fair could be heavily promoted and be more of an “event” to showcase three-quarter midget racing.

The MTQRL has been in discussions with the Bartholomew County fair board for several weeks about scheduling this event. Although both parties were committed to continuing the event the MTQRL had several concerns:

The King of the TQ Midget Series has a race scheduled the same evening as the proposed race.

The King series has four races scheduled in the eight days preceding the proposed race, and another two days later. This event would make seven three-quarter midget races in a span of only eleven days.

With the abundance of three-quarter midget races scheduled would there be enough owners willing or able to participate in this event to provide an adequate car count?

Would a less than adequate car count have a detrimental effect on future three-quarter midget races at the Columbus Fair?

In the best interests of all parties, and three-quarter midget racing, the Midwest TQ Racing League will not be promoting a race at the Columbus Fair this season.

We wish to thank Troy Foist and the Bartholomew County Fair Board for their partnership to promote the Tony Stewart Foundation and three-quarter midget racing at their county fair. We hope you have a successful 2016 fair season.

The league would also like to thank Tony Stewart, Tony Stewart Racing and the Tony Stewart Foundation for your support of the MTQRL. Your commitment to grassroots racing, children who are critically ill or physically disabled, animals at risk or endangered, and drivers injured in the sport of motor racing is unmatched.

To all who have participated with or supported the MTQRL since its inception in the fall of 2008, thank you. For the past seven season seasons we tried to create a league for the racers and fans to carry on the tradition and legacy of three-quarter midget racing. We believe that with your support we have done that to the best of our abilities and resources.

Our best wishes to all for a safe and successful racing season.

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