January, 10, 2016 MTQRL Plans for 2016

GREENSBURG, Ind. – The Midwest TQ Racing League presented by Jenmarco.com would like to announce its plans for 2016. The following was a prepared statement read at last night’s awards banquet by MTQRL president Chad Cunningham:


After many conversations, thoughts, plans, and scenarios, the Executive committee of MTQRL has decided to not run a season in 2016. This was a very tough decision for us, but in the end we believe it is in the best interests of MTQRL, and more importantly TQ racing, to not have a season in 2016.

MTQRL was created approximately seven years ago by a group of TQ sponsors, owners, drivers, and officials. The goal of MTQRL was to create an organization, or in our case a league, where it would be about the racers and the fans and just as important to carry on the tradition and legacy of Three Quarter Midget Racing. We believe we have done that to the best our abilities and resources.

Over these last seven years, and even going back further, TQ racing has dramatically changed from what some would consider a stepping stone series to bigger car classes to where it is now, much more of a hobby racing class. Unfortunately, this along with other factors has really prevented TQ racing from attracting new competitors, and our car counts have suffered.

MTQRL in the beginning was committed to a 5-year plan to promote and carry on TQ racing. We ran seven full seasons and another race in an 8th season. We assembled some of the greatest racing officials, and people with vast racing backgrounds to lead our League. We believe we have tried our very best to run MTQRL in a professional manner. We constantly promoted TQ racing on Facebook, Twitter, advertised on the radio, and on the internet. Although we made some mistakes along the way, we truly do believe we had the best intentions for TQ racing in all our decisions.

That being said, we would like to take a moment to thank each and every driver, owner, and crew member that ever competed or ran a race in MTQRL. We truly thank you.

To the families of the competitors, we thank you to for allowing your husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, and fiancé’s to compete in our league. We could not have done it without your support to allow your loved ones to race with us.

To our officials, past, and present. MTQRL could have not happened without you either. We always assembled the very best in officials we could. We know the extra work, time and sometimes money out of your own pocket some of you gave to make MTQRL successful. We can’t possibly thank you enough for that.

There are three people, two that are not here, that MTQRL would not have existed without them. I know many of you know Mark and Jen Frechette, and some of you have only heard of them. I want to tell you the friendship I have with them is outstanding. They truly are wonderful people. Although they would not want me to say this, the time, effort, and financial support they have given to MTQRL is more than most of you could imagine. And they did it for the good of TQ racing. There was never anything in it for them, just to provide a place for TQ racing to thrive. They apologize for not being able to be here this evening. They planned to but were unable to attend due to unexpected business commitment.

Finally, the last person MTQRL owes EVERYTHING too is Sandy Lowe. You could spend all the money in the world, if Sandy wasn’t the one making this go, MTQRL would have never existed. She has such a passion for TQ racing that she honestly cares too much. Words could never express how much gratitude we owe her.

MTQRL still plans on running one event in 2016 and that is the Tony Stewart Foundation race at Columbus during their fair week. More information on that event will be posted as it becomes available.

Once again, thank you all for your support over the last seven years and we look forward to seeing you at the Tony Stewart Foundation Race!


As Cunningham stated, the MTQRL will concentrate its efforts this year on the promotion of Tony Stewart Foundation Night at the Bartholomew County Fair. Although flooding closed many of the roads leading to the fairgrounds during last year’s event, it was still successful in bringing awareness of the Tony Stewart Foundation to Tony’s hometown of Columbus, Ind., raising $1,929 for this worthy cause.

For more information on the MTQRL, including details on “Tony Stewart Foundation Night” when it becomes available, please Like Us on Facebook at “Midwest TQ Racing League” or visit our website www.mtqrl.com.

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